Lenovo inaugurates its first European concept store

Published at 15/09/2020

Lenovo inaugurates its first European concept store in Italy:

Spazio Lenovo opens to the public in Milan


Spazio Lenovo is an experiential, cultural and social ecosystem dedicated to digital and technological innovation. The first meetings in Corso Matteotti [Milan], always available in digital format, start in October: SmartTalk on education, gaming, artificial intelligence

Opening ceremony in the morning with local authorities, Lenovo top management and internationally renowned guests.
Opening Show from 6.30 pm [CET] with sporting celebrities and entertainers immersed in the smarter experience of Spazio Lenovo


MILANO, 15 September 2020 – Lenovo is inaugurating its first concept store in Europe, in Corso Matteotti 8/10, Milan [Italy] with an institutional, digital Opening Ceremony reserved to media and partners, followed by Spazio Lenovo: Opening Show, a talk show live streamed on Lenovo Italia’s social channels from 6.30 pm.


From Wednesday, September 16th, Spazio Lenovo will be open to the general public every day between 10.00 am and 8.00 pm and all visitors will be able to experience an all-new cultural ecosystem dedicated to digital innovation, which combines hands-on experience of smarter technology with the possibility to keep up to date with the latest digital trends.


From October 1st the first free events will be scheduled, both live for invitees and digitally, open to all. Smartalk (two Thursdays a month, at 7pm), this is the title of the first meetings, will be moderated by journalists Diletta Parlangeli and will allow the public to share information on specific topics through the point of view of three guests: the first talks will cover education, artificial intelligence (15th October) and gaming (5th November) – the updated calendar will be available on spaziolenovo.com.


Spazio Lenovo: Opening Ceremony, hosted and moderated by TV anchor Lavinia Spingardi will see the presence of Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala and Councillor for Digital Tansformation and Civic Services Roberta Cocco. Lenovo COO and Corporate President Gianfranco Lanci will talk about the company’s strategies, whereas Luca Rossi will touch on the values that informed the conception of Spazio Lenovo and the steps take to open a public space where people can experience the ideas behind Lenovo’s Smarter Technology for All vision.


Of particular significance in the morning event, is a speech by award winning architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri, who will share his vision on how big cities will have to re-think themselves in a new phase of social and economic restart, and of the role that technology can have as an enabling factor for a future urban space in which everyone can contribute to the sustainability and progress of society. The morning event will close with Lavinia Spingardi moderating a talk between Stefano Boeri, Roberta Cocco and Emanuele Baldi, Country General Manager for Italy of Lenovo.


The opening day will close with a show hosted by TV personality Alessandro Cattelan and live streamed on Lenovo’s social media channels. Cattelan will interact with personalities and celebrities such as Mara Maionchi, Francesco Mandelli, Andrea Dovizioso, Julio Cesar, Samir Handanovič and Hell Raton, aka Manuel Zappadu.


At a moment of restart, businesses are called to collaborate with institutions and society to set up a dialogue on new modes of work, learning and social interaction”, commented Gianfranco Lanci. “During the emergency, technology had a key role in helping people stay productive, continue on their learning paths and find new modes of entertainment and ways to keep in contact with their families. Looking forward, our goal is that Spazio Lenovo become a meeting point where people can find out about the huge potential technology has to improve our daily lives”.

We are happy to open the first Spazio Lenovo in Europe and to do this in Milan, one of the most important capitals in Europe and internationally. Digital and diversity are at the heart of Milan’s social and economic development and its creative and cultural industries, including design for which it is internationally renowned, are cutting edge. Spazio Lenovo will offer our customers and partners worldwide the exclusive opportunity to share their ideas and expertise, as well as to foster discussion and exchange of opinions on the role of technology as an enabler for a more inclusive, reliable and sustainable society”, added Luca Rossi, Lenovo Senior Vice President, President EMEA and LATAM.


As a leader Intelligent Transformation, Lenovo is active in its contribution to society’s progress, and cooperates with other IT industry leaders. Spazio Lenovo benefits of the collaboration of key innovator and enabler of new technologies Intel, which share the vision of innovating to bring new experiences to people, business and society.


The collaboration between Intel and Lenovo is historical, and our development teams work side by side in designing and engineering devices and technological solutions that answer the real needs of the people and contribute to the progress of the world we live in”, said Nicola Procaccio, EMEA Territory Marketing Director and Intel Country Lead for Italy. “We are excited to contribute to the experience visitors will have starting from tomorrow as they walk into Spazio Lenovo and I’m proud that this significant opening will happen in Italy, in the heart of Milan, the main innovation centre of the nation’s economy”.


Spazio Lenovo brings to life Lenovo’s Smarter Technology for All vision in a physical space where visitors can experience technology hands-on and get to see how IT can improve people’s and businesses’ lives, contributing in turn to society’s progress, starting from the devices we can use. There will be stations dedicated to PCs (ThinkPad, Yoga, Lenovo Legion), tablets, Motorola smartphones, workstations, AR/VR headsets (Mirage, Think Reality) as well as smart office/home office solutions and accessories. There are also areas dedicated to events and workshops, briefings and meetings, Lenovo partner corners, a lounge a café and a coworking space and an auditorium. Visitors will be welcomed at the concept store by Lenovo brand ambassadors who will discretely accompany them in their visit to Spazio Lenovo, offering product demos upon request and managing any payments through mobile apps.

The experience of the physical concept store is complemented by the dedicated online platform Spaziolenovo.com, available in Italian and will also be available in English, where users can create their own profile through which to enrol in events and workshops or simply receive newsletters and communications by Lenovo. Logging into Spaziolenovo.com user can keep up to date with the appointments at Spazio Lenovo, make an appointment for product assistance, look at the restaurant’s menu and book a table, or simply take a virtual tour.

In designing Spazio Lenovo, great attention was paid to environmental impact, starting from how the spaces were designed and which materials were used. Spazio Lenovo was designed by Italian designer Alessandro Luciani, and allows the visitor to experiment with technology through emotional, experiential and immersive paths: design and colours were picked with the goal of making two approaches co-exist. The first tells of technology and the future, in the shape of an entirely digital communication with reflections, writing, large screens and ledwalls; the second tells of sustainability, in an environment that aims at reducing the distance with the outer environment through the use of sustainable materials such as iron, glass, wood, and dichroic glass which mimics the solar spectrum and its colour changes through the day thanks to its reflective and chromatic effects. The ambience is completed by 13 columns covered in stabilized foliage which mimic trees.


Specific attention was paid to the bistrot, called Dove, inside Spazio Lenovo which invites visitors to sit down, have breakfast, lunch and cocktails, or to work in a relaxing environment.


In Lenovo’s vision, it isn’t just technology that represents a positive element of social progress, but also all that revolves around it and the choice of partners siding Lenovo at the store reflects this vision.


Quotes by partners and institutions

The city [of Milan] is conquering its new normality day by day, and at this moment creating such an innovative space is an important signal. During the sanitary emergency, digital revealed its nature as an enabling and facilitating factor, and this experience is a value that we must not lose. This is a moment of restart, with a significative digital acceleration and the need to enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors to redesign the city’s future”. Roberta Cocco, Councillor for Digital transformation and civic services.

In the last months, during the lockdown, we directly experienced how fragile we are as a species, but also the power of out advanced digital technologies. So, today, although the pandemic is still with us, we are able to redraw the time and spaces of our daily lives. We have learnt to consider our homes as an extension of our workplace, and our workplace an appendix of our body. Over the coming months there is a chance to radically reconsider the relationship between home and work, home and public life. Cities, towns and their districts, historical and rural villages, natural landscapes, the territory of an entire country will become an open scene to experiment new lifestyles. An open future has just started”, commented Stefano Boeri, Architect and Urban Planner.

I firmly believe in the natural role that technology has taken on in our lives and in the way it can help us improve its quality: this is the reason why I tried to transfuse these two, apparently opposed, aspects into Spazio Lenovo to create a fluid, elegant environment, in which the transition from green to metal is easy, quick and functional, just like in the social environment of a Greek Agora. At the same time, I wanted to create a theme, shortening the distance with the outside world, en plein air to be clear, and the more collected inside ambience”, explains designer Alessandro Luciani.


For Next Spa it is a great honour to be alongside Lenovo in the implementation of this project. Milan has always represented innovation, and to be able to keep up with the changes you need to reinvent yourself every day. Despite over twenty years’ experience in the sector, this project required a continuous use of resources, time and, above all, ideas. Thanks to solid design skills we were able to plan an innovative concept, unique in its kind as is Spazio Lenovo. Spazio Lenovo will be the meeting place of emotions and experiences, where innovative solutions can be experimented to the fullest, integrated with the latest Lenovo technologies, in an immersive environment. The long period of lockdown has affected all of us, changing our habits. Now is the time to start again, which is why we want to give all together a positive signal of recovery, and support the common path towards digitization and the use of those tools that have helped to maintain continuity in work, study and private life". Antonio Loporchio, CEO of Next Spa.


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